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OpnShrts-EP0001-080225-10 Years On and New Beginnings

February 27, 2008

OpenShorts Podcast – The Revelation of Open Source and Hackable Hardware.

Episode 1 of OpenShorts!

OpnShrts-EP0001-080225-10 Years On and New Beginnings


State of Open Source Message: A New Decade For Open Source

Open Source Hardware Initiative
How open source electronics and hardware can be feasible, reproducible, and implementable.

Peggy from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
via CrackBlur

Ronja from Twibright Labs

Google Android – Open Source Hardware for semiconducting devices
via Linux and Open Source Blog

Open Handset Alliance


Chumby hands-on: What fun


Bug Labs: The Lego of gadgets

Bug Labs

Theme Music via MagnaTune: Artist – Ammonite Album – Reconnection Song – Open Road

Remember, without OpenShorts you might just end up with a Short Circuit.Now, Go out and Do Something, to Make Something, Do Something…