Hello world!

Welcome to the OpenShorts Podcast The podcast is all about Open Source and Hackable Hardware. I will be bringing you regular updates on the latest Open Source Hardware news, off-the-shelf hardware modifications and project ideas and tutorials. There is an lot of activity on the ‘net on everything from modifying the factory defaults to installing entirely new OSes on hardware you may already own. OpenShorts will bring you all the news on the newest modification possibilities. We can explore those options together. The Open Source Hardware arena is really getting exciting and we can explore the marvelous new toys as they come into existence. The good, the not so good and the just plain awful, OpenShorts will always give you honest opinions, and the best information I can gather.

Remember: Without OpenShorts, you might just end up with a Short-Circuit.

And now, Go Do Something, to Make Something, Do Something!


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. diggsIt Says:

    Best podcast I haven’t heard yet. Good Luck, looking forward to your contribution.

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